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March 12, 2019

How Often Should I Change My Filters?

March 12, 2019 | Blog

Your home should be a sanctuary, free from the grime and pollutants of outside air. Air filters are your first line of defense against unwanted air particles. However, it can be confusing to figure out how often your filters should be replaced. Find out below how you make sure your air filtration system is working at its maximum potential.

First, determine the quality of your air filter. A cheaper-quality filter will need to be cleaned or replaced more often than a high-quality filter. If you have a cheaper filter, you should change it every month to ensure your indoor air stays clean. A higher-quality filter can last up to six months, but you should consider changing your filter every 90 days to preserve filter efficiency. The more dust and allergens a filter traps, the less efficient a filter becomes.

There are more factors than air filter quality that you will have to consider. If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, you will need to change your filter more often to make sure your family does not have breathing problems. In that case, you should change your air filters every six weeks. Additionally, if you have a pet, you will need to change filters more often due to an increased level of hair, dust, and allergens in your home. If your home has a pet, change your filter every 60 days. If you have pets and someone in your home suffers from allergies, you should change your filter every 20-45 days.

Finally, you will need to evaluate how often you use your air conditioning system. If you use your system constantly, such as in the summer, you will need to change your filter every few weeks. If you use your system only a few hours a day, your filters will last you a few months. Smaller homes use their systems less than larger homes, so their filters may last longer. However, if your system uses smaller filters, you will need to change them just as often as filters in a larger home.

Air quality problems can come from both outdoor sources, such as air pollution and allergens and indoor sources, such as pet dander, painting, and cooking. The average person inhales about 14,000 liters of air every day, and inhaling air pollution can lead to a variety of negative health effects such as headaches, breathing problems, lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. By keeping your air filters clean, you protect yourself from poor health. If your air system needs a tune-up, contact Go Green AC and Heating for information about the variety of air conditioning and heating services we have to offer.

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