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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

January 15, 2019 | Blog

A failing furnace is everyone’s winter nightmare. But it doesn’t have to reach that point. There are things to watch out for before your furnace calls it quits. Here are four signs that indicate that your furnace is in need of repair before it is too late.

Weird Noises

As a furnace reaches the end of its life, you will likely begin to hear odd noises such as popping, rattling, squealing or banging. Those noises that you may have grown accustomed to by now are actually warning signs that your furnace doesn’t have much time left.

Thermostat Is Not Doing Its Job

Do you feel like you are constantly adjusting your thermostat? Do you feel like the temperature it is reading is not at all accurate to what it feels like in your home? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, it is likely a sign that you need furnace repair. This problem indicates that your furnace is no longer capable of properly distributing air throughout the home to keep you comfortable.

High Energy Bills

The more efficient the furnace, the lower the energy bill – and vice versa. If you have noticed a substantial spike in your monthly electricity bill, it could likely be linked to an old, faulty furnace. As your furnace gets older, it has to run for a more extended period of time in order to reach the desired temperature for the home. Therefore, the longer the furnace is running, the higher the cost in your monthly energy bill.

Recent Repairs/Lack of Service

If your furnace has not been serviced annually, this can be setting it up for failure. We recommend having your furnace serviced once a year to check for any water/gas leaks and ensure everything is running as it should be. On the other hand, if you have had several repairs on your furnace in recent months, this is also a sign that your furnace is likely near the end of its life.

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